President’s Message
In today’s world, globalization is creating new opportunities for intercultural dialogue and also new challenges. Societies are more connected than ever before. Ideas and people travel at rising speed within and across national borders. These circumstances have multiplied openings for mutual understanding between people everywhere on the planet. They have also given rise to new difficulties, to misunderstandings and mistrust that have fuelled tensions between and societies, especially between the Occident and Orient.

We established in January 2014, the Center of Occidental Studies in order to offer an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the intellectual and cultural practices and traditions in world civilizations, with an emphasis on the engagement of Occidental Civilization in the history of ideas and with other cultures. The principle objective of the Center is to develop knowledge through scientific research on the western civilisation as well as on their own political processes, in order to replace the reactive behaviour by a proactive attitude by becoming an International research hub for the Occidental Studies and Cultural Diplomacy.

The dialogue of cultures raises vital questions for peace and sustainable development today and in the century ahead. The universities have a role major to play in fostering the culture of dialogue and understanding.

Dr.Mustafa AYDIN
President,İstanbul Aydın University