Conference On Global Nuclear Governance Prof. Trevor Findlay from Harvard University and Carleton University / 27.03.2014

Prof Trevor Findlay  from Harvard University and  Carleton University, Senior Research Fellow Project on Managing the Atom Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs,  Conference On Global Nuclear Governance: the IAEA and the Iraq and Iran cases on the 27th of March 2014.



Findlay identifize that there is a nuclear peace problem in Iraq. Findlay said “Iraq is experiencing problems on nuclear peace. The biggest problem, Iraq is not complying to the signed disarmament agreement.  Disarmament of Iraq has become the main plan after experiencing damages from large masses. After the Gulf War, IAEA, made many efforts to rectify weapons that were found in Iraq. IAEA, began to pay more attention to security after experiencing problems with Iraq.”

Findlay mentions about how IAEA is working to stop Iran from making nuclear weapons. Findlay said “IAEA is working on stopping Iran from making nuclear weapons but Iran is being really strict. IAEA is discovering about Iran’s past activities and are currently assessing the situation.”  6 problems have been resolved about Iran and currently the development is going well. Findlay emphsized on the importance of conducting security systems, as long as the country is miss using its recources, IAEA will be ready with preventive measures.